COMO Parrot Cay Vacation Rentals

Luxury Villa Rentals in COMO Parrot Cay for 2+ people

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$9,912 /night

COMO Villa

3 Bedroom Villa, 3 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6
This three-bedroom villa offers outstanding views of the ocean as well as a private location among sand dunes and lush vegetation. The spacious indoor lounge area provides a comfortable indoor dining space, ideal for large get together with family and fri... more
$7,622 /night

2 BDM Beach Villa

2 Bedroom Villa, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4
These two-bedroom villas stand out among luxury villas in the Caribbean with direct access to the island's mile-long white powder beach, as well as a secluded location among lush vegetation and sand dunes. Ideal for groups of friends and family, there are... more
$5,760 /night

2 BDM Beach House

2 Bedroom House, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4
These two-bedroom houses sit among the dunes on our mile-long white sand beach, providing guests with privacy and uninterrupted ocean views. Both bedrooms have en suite bathrooms and separate outdoor showers. The large living and dining area has large win... more
$3,600 /night

Beach House

1 Bedroom House, 1 Bathrooms, Sleeps 2
These on-the-beach, one-bedroom, semi-detached beach houses have a residential atmosphere rare among Turks and Caicos luxury resorts. With a true abundance of space, there is a bedroom, sitting room with dining area and a heated plunge pool on the private... more
$2,981 /night

COMO Suite

1 Bedroom Hotel, 1 Bathrooms, Sleeps 2
Our oversize, one-bedroom COMO suite offers guests the space and comfort to relax with a separate bathroom and living room. Both bathrooms are finished with white marble, and the en suite bathroom has a freestanding bathtub. The living room has a dining t... more
$1,632 /night

Ocean Facing Room

1 Bedroom Villa, 1 Bathrooms, Sleeps 2
These rooms have a contemporary colonial feel with large windows looking towards the ocean, and four-poster beds draped with white voile. Off-white wooden tiles maximize the natural light, and Balinese furniture with white cotton seating creates a bright ... more
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