St. Barts Vacation Rentals

Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Barts for 2+ people

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$6,500 - $22,000 /night


3 Bedroom Apartment, 3 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6
Dadaye is located at the entrance of Lorient on the hillside to enjoy a panoramic view of Lorient beach. This villa in a private area is offering a unique view. Lorient is well known for is surfing spot but also to be a central location with supermarket a... more
$6,429 - $7,857 /night

Les Roches

5 Bedroom Apartment, 5 Bathrooms, Sleeps 10
Villa Les Roches is a newly-built, five-bedroom villa in the hills of Colombier with lots of privacy and gorgeous ocean views. The villa offers generous indoor and outdoor space in a private and calm setting with ocean views. It includes a fitness room... more
$6,429 - $21,286 /night

Casa del Mar

6 Bedroom Villa, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12
Casa del Mar is a unique luxury property, located in a vast area of unspoiled countryside. The size and scope of the property, as well as the location of the villas on the property, offer these holiday properties unprecedented privacy. It also offers walk... more
$6,429 - $25,714 /night

La Plage

7 Bedroom Villa, 7 Bathrooms, Sleeps 14
The luxurious La Plage enjoys the blessings of a perfect location. Guests relaxing on the magnificent terrace have the choice of taking a refreshing dip in the swimming pool or plunging into the clear ocean water just steps away across a white sand beach.... more
$5,714 - $20,000 /night


7 Bedroom Apartment, 7 Bathrooms, Sleeps 14
With interiors by famed French designer and architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the newly built Villa Felicita (FLC) is large and luxurious. The luxury rental property is filled with modern conveniences but also elemental in its serene simplicity. Nearly ever... more
$5,714 - $32,143 /night


7 Bedroom Villa, 7 Bathrooms, Sleeps 14
The splendid Villa Firefly has been designed according to a very high standard. The materials are luxurious, with soft canvases, pleasantly aged wood and very high-quality glass. The architecture is spacious, arranged like a hotel with separate pavilions ... more
$5,714 - $25,714 /night

Blanc Bleu

6 Bedroom Villa, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12
At Blanc Bleu it reigns an atmosphere that can be found on a boat, with white and navy blue decoration, brushed wood and brass accessories, every detail is in its place and chosen with the greatest care. In harmony with the lounge a friendly atmosphere... more
$5,714 - $22,643 /night

Villa Aqua

6 Bedroom Villa, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12
The elegant Villa Aqua is unique on the seaside located directly on the turquoise lagoon of Grand Cul de Sac, with private access to the beach in front of the large overflow pool, and enjoying panoramic views over the warm, azure waters of the sea. A b... more
$5,714 - $22,643 /night

Villa Bleu

6 Bedroom Villa, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12
The elegant air-conditioned Villa Bleu is also located next to the new Hotel Le Barthelemy, which includes a restaurant, fitness room, spa and beach club. Villa Bleu is the perfect blend of contemporary luxury and pure design. A breathtaking view of th... more
$5,571 - $23,571 /night


6 Bedroom Villa, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12
Corossol was once an inactive part of the island, known for its fishermen and local crafts, but it is quickly becoming a popular spot on the island for luxury villas. Villa June is located just outside the main village of Corossol, in an area where other ... more
$5,000 - $28,571 /night

Le Manoir de Lorient

7 Bedroom Villa, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 14
One the most contemporary property of the island but also one of the oldest! Le Manoir de Lorient is a huge and magnificent domain situated a few steps away from the lovely beach of Lorient. With 5 bedrooms, this outstanding property has a luxurious tropi... more
$4,857 - $17,143 /night


5 Bedroom Villa, 5 Bathrooms, Sleeps 10
Celadon is located in the private area of Montjean and will sublimate you with its incredible view of the bays of Marigot and Grand Cul de Sac. You will find a modern and refined decoration for a calm and relaxing stay. This incredible villa has severa... more
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